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Rolling Stone

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Animated movie about yes, those faces on your phone couldn't be more meh.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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But Tony Leondis' The Emoji Movie, a very, very dumb thing, comes nowhere near that magic combination.

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Cinema Blend

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Do yourself a favor, and swipe left on this one.

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The Wrap

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When Adam Sandler outclasses your high-concept, high-tech functions, it’s time to switch to a flip phone.

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The Emoji Movie is a demonstration of artistic abdication at its most venal, but will the kids like it?

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The cartoon ideograms from your smartphone get their own animated adventure, but do they deserve it? Actually, they deserve better than this witless 'Inside Out' knockoff.

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This is a film that seems beamed from a near future in which nothing goes right (...).

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