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On n'y croit pas, mais on ne résiste pas à la tentation de savourer des moments de pure extase juvénile devant un « film de monstres aquatiques ».

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The Hollywood Reporter

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Accepting the film's own standard of plausibility, thrillseekers should appreciate the brisk pace with which scares, setbacks and possible escapes are delivered.

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Cinema Blend

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The summer box office is always in need of fun, entertaining thrill rides like Crawl. It's a film that plays a tight game, thrilling its audience with a quick and nasty electric shock of danger, and it does so without pulling any punches.

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Rolling Stone

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The summer's requisite man-versus-nature survivalist horror flick pits a young woman and her father against some hungry, toothsome creatures.

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CRAWL is one of the best thrillers of the year. 

Jimmy O Lire la critique complète

The Wrap

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Alexandre Aja feels like a hack-for-hire in this uninspired saga about alligators tormenting hurricane survivors.

Michael Nordine Lire la critique complète

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Still, "Crawl" offers up an adequately engaging disaster package with storm and gator effects of gripping believability.

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A hurricane traps a father and daughter in a flooded basement with two alligators in a film that wants to be 'Jaws' set in an old dark house. If only.

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