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L'intrigue peine à surprendre, tout comme le jeu très limité de Tayler Lautner. Des acteurs de calibre, dont Sigourney Weaver et Alfred Molina, ne suffisent pas à élever le niveau.

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Cinema Blend

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But unfortunately for Lautner and the people hoping to be in the Lautner business, his first star vehicle Abduction is dead on arrival, in no large part thanks to Lautner's dead-eyed, charisma-free performance.

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The New York Times

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Directed by John Singleton, from a screenplay by Shawn Christensen, Abduction is a sloppy, exploitative act of star worship created (if that's the right word for cynical hackwork) around Mr. Lautner, the pouty 19-year-old heartthrob of the Twilight franchise.

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Agence QMI

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En bref, Enlèvement pourrait bien être un concurrent solide dans la catégorie du pire film de l'année, aux côtés de Le chaperon rouge!

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Film construit autour de Taylor Lautner, Abduction n'arrive jamais à convaincre réellement, faisant involontairement rire aux larmes avec toutes ses invraisemblances.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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Taylor Lautner tries to hold his own in an action thriller too silly to give him much of a chance.

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The Gazette

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Abduction, a teenage thriller that's sort of a young-adult version of a grown-up chase movie. That is, it has everything you might want except thrills, intelligence and hair on its chest.

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USA Today

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This laughable yarn is intended simply as a vehicle to draw teen audiences eager to feast their eyes upon Twilight heartthrob Taylor Lautner. And, yes girls, he does take off his shirt and expose his muscled physique rather quickly into the proceedings.

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