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Bien que convenue, la réalisation de Collet-Serra s'avère efficace, et Neeson joue de manière solide une partition qu'il connaît par coeur.

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La Presse

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Dommage que le récit n'ait pas développé davantage cet aspect. D'autant que les deux vétérans sont quand même des pointures.

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Le cinéma d'action du jeune cinéaste est le plus souvent rempli de promesses.

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In the end, Run All Night stop short of being a really rock-solid action vehicle, but it can't be denied it's probably Neeson best all-out genre exercise in a while.

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Au final, Une nuit pour survivre s'impose comme un bon divertissement, surtout après l'atroce L'enlèvement 3.

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Ultimately, Run All Night doesn't go far enough in any particular direction to make it stand out among Neeson's late-career best (...).

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Cinema Blend

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Run All Night surprisingly manages to be both, and takes the audience on a thrilling chase through the darker, grimier parts of New York City everyone tends to forget exist.

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Some of Run All Night doesn't make a lot of sense and I wished for a little more grit and a little less polish in some of its darker beats (...).

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The Hollywood Reporter

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The movie consists entirely of angry threats, pointed guns, hiding out from and eluding same, and mad dashes down mean streets on foot and in vehicles.

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It's an overtly moralistic, vaguely Catholic touch, and one that can't help but ring slightly false in a movie that, like so many of Neeson's assignments of late, turns the spectacle of mass killing into a job well done.

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