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Sous ses airs de film noir ultramoderne, avec ses criminels équipés de gadgets hi-tech, ce polar à la Michael Mann cache une mise à jour des séries B d'autrefois.

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Faute d'un rythme bien soutenu, le film se leste d'une certaine lourdeur, contemplant au plus près la chute brutale et violente de ses personnages en perdition entre le mal et le bien, pour se conclure dans un dénouement aussi prévisible que grotesque…

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Rolling Stone

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Dirty cops, Russian mobsters, and a heist gone wrong fuel this tense, gritty heist thriller.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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Individual scenes are charged with energy, tense confrontations are numerous and Hillcoat and Cook's intentions were undoubtedly partly to tease and taunt viewers with uncertainly about where they, and the characters, stand, to figure out who's got the power and who doesn't.

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Affleck, though likable, doesn’t have a lot of variety and resorts to chewing gum to give his character a through line.

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The Wrap

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Don’t let the distinguished cast – which also includes Casey Affleck, Anthony Mackie and Woody Harrelson – fool you into expecting anything but an embarrassment.

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Casey Affleck, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Kate Winslet star in this sprawling and atmospheric ensemble crime drama.

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There are movies about ugly, vile people, and there are ugly, vile movies. Triple 9 is the latter.

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Très bon
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So why do I give this a positive review among all my gripes? First and foremost, the cast is so superb that they significantly elevate what is very much B-movie material. It'd be foolish to go through them one by one, they're all as solid as you'd expect them to be.

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