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De fait, beaucoup de séquences servent simplement de prétexte à l'interprétation de ces différents succès, avec des résultats mitigés au plan de l'émotion.

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Strange Magic is hardly more than what should have been a straight to video animated feature. At best, it is a tunefully cheerful collection of pop songs with decent animation.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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Stylistically speaking, even the animated lead characters have about as much warmth and definition as gaming system avatars.

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The Wrap

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That terrible character design, combined with a painful lack of laughs and a crushing plethora of ghastly songs, makes Strange Magic perhaps the worst animated feature ever to come out of Disney (...).

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To wit, Strange Magic is essentially a jukebox musical so song-laden as to practically be an operetta, and the songs are so eclectic that they never quite fit into the movie’s flying-insect world, which is divided into dark and light forests.

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Cinema Blend

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For Strange Magic, I went in hoping to see something comical and lighthearted that I'd welcome watching on repeat with the little ones after its home release. What I found instead was what I imagine an hour-and-a-half Glee episode to look like…

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Devoid of charm, mirth or inspiration, the movie is quick to distract you with the nearest weapon at hand (...).

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The problem with Strange Magic isn't so much its derivative story as it is the odd, half-complete way it unfolds. You can sense the weird mixture of tones, influences, ideas — as if the whole thing were still in its planning stages.

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