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L'exécution est soignée mais sans audace et l'interprétation, consciencieuse à défaut d'être inspirée.

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The Gazette

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Under this cacophony of flames and bullets, The Mechanic tries to build a relationship between Arthur and Steve. It is fraught with the kind of guilt Arthur can't afford, although, fortunately for Statham, it's not so fraught that it calls for much change of expression.

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Le Soleil

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Jason Statham livre exactement ce qu'on attend de lui : incarner le nouveau porte-étendard de la virilité avec la grâce d'un... robot. L'homme n'est pas bavard. Il préfère le pouvoir de ses armes et de ses poings à celui des mots.

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Where the original played more as a layered and introspective character study with some random action sequences spread about, this update was yet another typical Jason Statham affair with the stoic actor kicking ass and taking names like only he can

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The New York Times

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There’s some limited entertainment to be found in a movie as insistently conflicted as “The Mechanic,” but the accretion of sadism, humorlessness and antediluvian sexual politics is finally more exhausting than enlivening.

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The Los Angeles Times

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Statham's a solid mass on which to build a revenge thriller, and he did well by another remake, "The Italian Job." That, at least, was a remake worth the remaking. But only Foster's itchy creativity as an actor keeps "The Mechanic" from stinking through and through.

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La Presse

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Le rythme est nerveux, le suspense à point et on ne s'ennuie pas une seconde dans cette décharge d'adrénaline 100% testostérone que l'on déconseillera fortement aux amateurs de bluettes sentimentales.

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As is, the story idles, then lurches into action rather like a polished-up old clunker in need of a comprehensive tuneup.

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Cinema Blend

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The Mechanic is content to be good enough, and if you’re ok with good enough, Statham’s latest fits the bill.

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USA Today

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t's not Shakespeare. But Statham isn't here to proclaim the world a stage. For him and, luckily, us, it's a cage match.

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