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Cinema Blend

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A breath of fresh air for The Conjuring Universe that both surprises with a lighter touch and demonstrates the incredible potential for the expanding continuity.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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Fluid camerawork and tightly controlled editing, which transform the Warrens' home into a genuinely haunted house (...).

Justin Lowe Lire la critique complète

Rolling Stone

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The third time's the charm for 'Conjuring' spin-off series, which delivers a simple but efficient scare machine.

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Annabelle, the devil doll who is not possessed (got it?), presides over a hyper grab bag of a haunted-house thriller that fails to conjure much fear.

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The Wrap

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Apart from a few performances (notably Mckenna Grace's), this third "Annabelle" outing is a lifeless catalog of ineffective spooky stuff.

Elizabeth Weitzman Lire la critique complète

Très bon
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But ANNABELLE COMES HOME is the first movie in this series that feels genuinely fun in a myriad of freaky, terrifying ways and proves there are far more ways to get some life (and death) out of this franchise.

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Still, "Annabelle Comes Home" isn't entirely without its guilty pleasures.

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