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Faire-valoir d'un amusant Dwayne Johnson à contre-emploi, Hart ne peut s'empêcher d'en faire des tonnes, comme d'habitude. Tout le contraire d'Amy Ryan. Dans la peau de l'agente opiniâtre, celle-ci livre, avec un délicieux ton pince-sans-rire, les meilleures répliques du film.

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Agence QMI

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Agence de renseignement est donc un divertissement estival très léger - et dans lequel vous verrez un acteur et une actrice dont je ne dis rien pour ne pas gâcher l'agréable surprise - dont on sort content.

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Rolling Stone

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If you're expecting the story threads to cohere, you're in the wrong multiplex. Central Intelligence always takes the lazy way out. You go along for the ride because Hart and Johnson promise something they can't deliver: a movie as funny as they are.

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It may not be a deep and complex masterpiece that will spawn symposiums and appreciations, but it is a classic of a very particular sort. It's the kind of movie that you watch on TV when you're supposed to be doing more important things, or experiencing more important movies, even though you've already seen it ten times, because it's still funny, and because you believe in the big man and the small man that he looks up to.

Matt Zoller Seitz Lire la critique complète

Cinema Blend

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Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart's patter keeps Central Intelligence on life support, but it's needlessly complicated and ultimately too low on laughs.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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The film's anti-bullying message is obvious but never drags on the pace or tone. Moreover, that message and the mindless laughs that Central Intelligence serves up along with it are things we could use now more than ever.

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Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart team up for a spy-game action comedy that could have used less fake intrigue and more laughs.

Owen Gleiberman Lire la critique complète

The Wrap

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Although Johnson and Hart are in talks to share the screen again in next year's “Jumanji” remake, Central Intelligence doesn't feel like the birth of a great comic duo - more like a blind date that goes a little better than expected. The chemistry's not there yet, but let's give it another shot.

Sam Adams Lire la critique complète

Entertainment Weekly

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It's a straightforward flick, hawking fluff in an unabashed way and, especially at a time when it seems as if reality around us is overrun with insurmountable darkness, sometimes all you need is to watch The Rock knock someone out with a banana.

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Central Intelligence is slightly better than what you may expect.

Jimmy O Lire la critique complète