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Dans son exécution, Those Who Wish Me Dead satisfera assurément les amateurs de films d'action, d'autant plus que Taylor Sheridan prend soin de rendre justice au décor naturel majestueux dans lequel son histoire est campée. Il n'y a cependant rien d'original dans ce thriller hautement prévisible.

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It's probably the most visceral smoke jumper movie since the underrated Only the Brave (...).

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It may seem like overkill to burn a forest to eliminate a 12-year-old kid -- unless it results in the kind of relatively fresh action Taylor Sheridan delivers here.

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Cinema Blend

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My expectations for a new Taylor Sheridan movie were very high, so I'm harshly judging a movie that's merely fine because I know Sheridan is capable of so much more.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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The star plays a Montana smokejumper who finds herself shepherding a traumatized boy to safety from a raging fire and two ruthless killers in this violent thriller.

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The Wrap

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Her firefighter struggles to save a young witness from very bad gangsters and a blazing inferno.

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Unfortunately, it's a film with no real center.

Sheila O'Malley Lire la critique complète