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Les amateurs de films à effets spéciaux y trouveront leur compte, les autres feraient mieux d'attendre la prochaine invasion.

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Cinema Blend

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Chris Pratt's Sci-Fi Movie Loses The Battle, And Totally Botches The War.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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Then again, you're watching a movie in which a couple of scientists might wipe out an unstoppable monster horde while hopping to and fro in time. Leave your nitpicking at the door.

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Entertainment Weekly

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Eventually the storyline dissolves into soft-focus sentiment and a final, snowy set piece whose execution is so patently ludicrous a 1970s Bond villain might file for intellectual property rights (though the climate-change message it wedges in is sneakily on point).

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Très bon
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I still ended up liking The Tomorrow War more than I expected to, and while the story and emotional beats aren't always strong enough to match the action, there's enough here to make the movie feel like a strong blend of action movies both past and present.

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