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Si le récit, souvent ingénieux, ne résiste pas tout à fait à l'analyse et laisse quelques pistes en plan, la réalisation de Bruckner, stylisée et prenante, est irréprochable.

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Cinema Blend

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There is a wonderful, dark creative spark in its approach that is deeply unsettling and lingers in your brain long after the house lights have gone up.

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It's entertaining and Hall's performance deserves to be recognized as one of the best she's ever given. 

Chris Bumbray Lire la critique complète

The Hollywood Reporter

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 It's just a shame this absorbing chiller, which unfolds primarily in the thick of night, doesn't stand up to close scrutiny in the daylight.

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Très bon
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This is not that harsh a criticism. Ghost stories should have a few gray areas and a few dots that don't connect to one another. And "The Night House" works best when it's not even trying to make sense, when we're not sure if we're awake or in a dream, if Beth is being warned or hunted by her visions.

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Entertainment Weekly

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Though its final scenes don't stick the landing, devolving into a muddle of grisly discoveries and half-baked mythology, the movie's stylized dread lingers, a doorway to an upside-down world whose stakes stay (nearly) real enough to make us care.

Leah Greenblatt Lire la critique complète