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Rolling Stone

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Update of 1972 movie aims for 2018 relevance - and succeeds in becoming nothing but a weak 'Scarface' imitation.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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A lack of style would be no problem if the film breathed life into its tired glitz-gangsta tropes.

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The Wrap

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Music-video helmer Director X's feature debut is a smart and sharp take on the 1972 original.

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The best way to describe why "SuperFly" doesn't surpass Gordon Parks Jr.'s creation is to describe Director X's take on the original's infamous cocaine montage.

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A remake of the 1972 blaxploitation classic trades in its drug-dealer-as-outlaw-capitalist mythology for a glossy, slammed-together genre flick.

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Cinema Blend

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One of the most forgettable and formulaic movies of the summer.

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