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Malheureusement pour nous, les 111 minutes de cette comédie à saveur de Noël passent bien trop lentement et ne justifient en rien une sortie au cinéma et le paiement d'un billet à plein tarif. 

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The Wrap

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Only Megan Mullally and Keegan-Michael Key can wring occasional laughs from this tired, post-“Fockers” farce.

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Cinema Blend

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Why Him? painfully runs out of ideas and steam as it progress, quickly becoming insipid and flat and leaving you aghast at how much it wastes the combination of James Franco and Bryan Cranston.

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The title of the movie is Why Him?, your first indication that this raunchy R-rated comedy is far more interested in the men engaged in battle across generational, emotional and socioeconomic lines than it is about the woman at the center of the fight.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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(...) we're off on a 111-minute marathon of slangy idioms and expletives, gross-out gags and unbridled raunch, some of it funny, much of it merely strenuous.

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James Franco is very funny as a Silicon Valley bro in a meet-the-boyfriend comedy with Bryan Cranston as the fuddy-duddy dad.

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Really, all the ingredients are here, making it even more puzzling that the movie falls as flat as it does.

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But it is, apparently, the final answer to the question in the movie's title. 

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