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La réalisation tout juste fonctionnelle ne parvient pas à rehausser une intrigue lourde et prévisible. L'interprétation s'avère toutefois sincère.

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The Los Angeles Times

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They even get the movie's meet-cute moment - Brad's vintage Aston Martin is parked in a loading zone and Miguel is manning the tow truck that's about to haul it away. But instead of hilarity ensuing, Miguel and Brad pull out nearly every racial slight in the book, a lot of half-baked slapstick and even more macho posturing in an effort to entertain.

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The Gazette

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Now, you'd think more than 40 years after Sidney Poitier and Spencer Tracy hashed out the cultural and stereotype-plagued complexities of race in America in Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, we'd be kind of past it now.

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La place est ainsi tout entière laissée au déroulement d'un récit prévisible, qui enchaîne sans vergogne les séquences risibles aux morales sexistes. Allez, aux oubliettes...

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La Presse

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Our Family Wedding est une petite comédie romantique si aimable et si gentille et bien intentionnée qu'on s'en voudrait de l'égratigner, fragile qu'elle est.

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USA Today

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The contrived insult comedy here feels old, borrowed and blue. Think of this as My Big Fat Mexican-American- African-American Hybrid Wedding.

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Though straitjacketed by the role of a young woman struggling to be her own person, Ferrera still retains her onscreen sparkle - especially compared with co-star Gross, who is given no notes to play beyond quiet and virtuous.

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