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Dénué de rythme, Mortdecai est en outre bourré de quiproquos, de clichés et de sous-entendus sexuels d'une rare lourdeur.

Helen Faradji Lire la critique complète


Très bon
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Bref, dès le moment où on accepte la notion de caricature plutôt que de portrait, on embarque dans une aventure à l'humour anglais acerbe et pince-sans-rire, qui inspire de nombreux moments d'esclaffement authentiques.

Joseph Elfassi Lire la critique complète

La Presse

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Un ratage cinématographique qui ne passera pas à l'histoire.

Caroline Rodgers Lire la critique complète

Cinema Blend

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If you're looking for a film that's biggest running gags are cowardice and aversion to facial hair that would make a hipster stand up and applaud, then Mortdecai is the film for you.

Mike Reyes Lire la critique complète


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Well, it's pretty to look at; very well shot by Florian Hoffmeister with terrific production design by James Merifield. (...) But these minor attributes certainly can't save a movie, or a star, enamored with its own supposed wicked genius.

Eric Walkuski Lire la critique complète

The Wrap

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Mortdecai is by no means a disaster — the occasional joke lands, and there's at least some fun to be found in the frenetic farce of all the conspiracies and the running-around (...).

Alonso Duralde Lire la critique complète


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Rather, he's an amalgam of easy-target toff characteristics — a preening, lily-livered aristocrat of indeterminate provenance, forced to live by his unreliable wits as his fortune supposedly runs dry.

Guy Lodge Lire la critique complète

Entertainment Weekly

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Go if you're a raging Anglophile with an afternoon to burn or you just love Depp, even at his hammiest. Otherwise, don't point this thing at you.

Leah Greenblatt Lire la critique complète


Échec complet
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When the definitive biography of Johnny Depp is finally written, I know that I will immediately turn to the chapter focusing on Mortdecai so that I can finally figure out what in God's name he and everyone else involved was thinking when they made it.

Peter Sobczynski Lire la critique complète


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I envy Depp's capacity for self-amusement, but it's a pity he's so rich and enbubbled that no one dares say to say to him, ''Er, Johnny ... this is, er, really very bad.''

David Edelstein Lire la critique complète

The Hollywood Reporter

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For all its minor offenses against taste and decency, the sole unforgivable sin that Mortdecai commits is one that would leave its rakish anti-hero aghast. Because the film that bears his name is ultimately a frightful, crashing bore.

Stephen Dalton Lire la critique complète


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Les acteurs sont malheureusement tous ici aussi mauvais les uns que les autres. (...) Oubliez tout approfondissement des personnages, il n’y en aura pas.

Benoît Rey Lire la critique complète