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Le Soleil

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Véritable ode à l'amitié, il s'agit d'un récit initiatique rétro bon enfant pour toute la famille. Au menu : de l'aventure, des pâtes, des gelato et de mystérieux monstres marins...

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La Presse

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Mais par-dessus tout, le film d'animation soulève de façon fort habile les questions de l'acceptation de soi, de l'inclusion et de l'ouverture à la différence de l'autre. Un message qui s'avère des plus contemporains.

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It's a gentle formula fairy tale infused with an honest nostalgia for '50s small-town Italy. But for Pixar that's pretty small gnocchi.

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Cinema Blend

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The Disney+ release is the animation studio's attempt at a lighter, more intimate type of film that only asks you to sit back and take in the Italian influence.

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Très bon
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This kind of story has been done before and the messages heard again and again. However, for 90-100 minutes, parents and children will still share laughs, "Awws" and "Oh nos," with the former perhaps inspired to look at how much it costs to vacation in Italy, before being demoralized and putting on the Kraft mac and cheese instead. 

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The Hollywood Reporter

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The distinctions separating a Pixar creation from a Disney animated feature seem to be blurring in cases like this, but Casarosa has a winning knack for folding the wonder of fairy tales into the joys of old-fashioned storytelling. The Genoa native's obvious deep-rooted affection for life in simpler times on Italy's northwest coast gives the movie a warming injection of real heart.

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Très bon
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While some material may hit with younger audiences, Luca makes for Pixar's least enchanting, least special film yet. 

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The Wrap

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Kids will be charmed by this summer story of friendship, and adults will be moved by the subtle alternate readings.

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