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Sauf que ces quelques moments, placés là parce qu'ils sont drôles, mais sans avoir de lien direct avec l'intrigue, apparaissent gratuits. Et le sont.

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Masterminds is somewhat reminiscent of the mid-2000’s Ben Stiller/Jack Black vehicle, ENVY, in that it seems like the cast and director were aiming to make a black comedy, only to try and shoehorn-in as much of their regular shtick late-in-the-game after getting cold feet.

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Zach Galifianakis succeeds in making an already ridiculous crime even funnier in this caper comedy from the director of 'Napoleon Dynamite.'

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The Los Angeles Times

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The most distinctive visual aspect of Masterminds, other than Galifianakis’s pageboy and a few of his ill-conceived disguises, is the tacky palette that the designers use

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If smart dumb comedies hold a place in your heart, you'll like Masterminds.

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The Wrap

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Masterminds’ Review: Zach Galifianakis Stars in Silly ‘Hillbilly Heist’ Comedy.

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Cinema Blend

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Masterminds is not a masterpiece by any reasonable measure, but its brisk pace and talented comedic ensemble definitely make it Jared Hess' best comedy since Napoleon Dynamite -- which admittedly is not exactly a very difficult feat for him to pull off.

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