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Familier et prévisible jusqu'au générique final, l'ensemble est à tout le moins enrobé d'un soupçon d'exotisme, grâce aux charmes de la Thaïlande en arrière-plan.

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Cinema Blend

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Todd Phillips directs with a slick, loose attitude that's perfectly in sync with the film's few moments of goofy debauchery, but his style still worked far better in the first film, which had an actual script to back it up.

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The New York Times

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The final credits are the time when viewers meander or flee from the theater or sit in stunned or ecstatic silence or chattering communion. Here the credits just emphasize how deeply square this flick is.

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USA Today

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The sequel dispenses a (five o'clock) shadow of the original, a comedy that uses the same punchlines, sometimes literally, as the first film but mistakes further-fetched skits for funnier ones.

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So, while I doubt anyone will say The Hangover Part II is as good as it's predecessor, it's nonetheless a fun and worthy sequel, boasting more than enough laughs to make it worthwhile. What it lacks in originality, it makes up for in laughs, and should please anyone who liked the first one.

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Rolling Stone

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Somebody must have roofied me. I left The Hangover Part II feeling dazed and abused, wondering how bad things happened to such a good comedy.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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As a result, even though the The Hangover Part II trades Vegas for Bangkok, venturing farther afield hasn't translated into a livelier excursion. That comfortable air of familiarity provided by the returning characters also extends to many of the original's more inspired bits - but to less potent effect.

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La Presse

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Et si l'épopée n'est pas aussi drôle et surprenante que celle qui s'est déroulée à Las Vegas, elle vaut quand même le détour. Il y a des moments où il est impossible de ne pas rire à gorge déployée.

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Peu importe que la recette soit pratiquement la même, les fous rires sont toujours au rendez-vous.

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