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Le montage se révèle particulièrement efficace dans cette partie centrale, avec des ellipses et des variantes qui poussent le film vers l'avant sans perdre le spectateur.

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La protagoniste de Before I Fall lutte avec une impression de déjà-vu. Normal, c'est le sujet du film. Hélas, le spectateur éprouve le même sentiment. Pas normal. 

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Rolling Stone

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Adaptation of popular young-adult novel keeps its teen heroine on repeat until she gets things right.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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Adapted from Lauren Oliver’s successful YA novel of the same name, helmer Ry Russo-Young’s fourth feature Before I Fall sees the indie director (...) successfully transitioning to mainstream filmmaking. 

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The Los Angeles Times

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Envision a film that combines the perpetual do-over premise of Groundhog Day with the smug high-school alpha femmes of Mean Girls.

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The Wrap

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This YA adaptation with Zoey Deutch as a popular girl in a time loop of life and death has sincerity and style.

Robert Abele Lire la critique complète

Cinema Blend

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The basic premise of Before I Fall feels like it was created by a roomful of cynical studio executives trying to create a successful project. The end result, however, while it isn't without issues, also isn't without charm.

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Even though I’m not quite sure Before I Fall deserved the Sundance berth it received back in January, as far as mainstream teen programmers go, it’s not half bad.

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But the film mostly retains its humanity (...).

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Ry Russo-Young's YA adaptation feels distinct from so many teen-centric melodramas, even as it recycles the premise of Groundhog Day.

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