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Au programme : dialogues surexplicatifs, redondances, passages à vide, etc. Des problèmes que la réalisation quelconque et sans rythme ne manque pas de mettre en relief.

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Cinema Blend

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New Year's Eve isn't a film so much as it is a series of poorly made shorts that were thrown in a shredder and then haphazardly taped back together.

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The New York Times

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New Year's Eve is a depressing two-hour infomercial pitching Times Square as the only place in the universe you want to be when the ball drops at midnight on Dec. 31. (Believe me, it's not.)

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Really, I thought I'd seen it all, but New Year's Eve just about takes the cake. In a way, I suppose it's our fault for allowing a film like Valentine's Day to go by without organizing mass protests about it, but New Year's Eve is something else.

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Rolling Stone

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Director Garry Marshall follows last year's Valentine's Day romcom crapfest with an even more puke-up-able sample of the species.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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Returning with the cast-of-thousands, multiple storyline approach they applied to Valentine's Day, Garry Marshall and screenwriter Katherine Fugate take on New Year's Eve, but this time out the result proves to be as appealing and effervescent as a flute of flat champagne.

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Agence QMI

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Après La Saint-Valentin, La veille du Nouvel An sent un peu le réchauffé malgré l'avalanche de vedettes et les bonnes intentions de Garry Marshall.

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Le réalisateur de Valentine's Day remet ça avec New Year's Eve en réunissant une nouvelle brochette de stars pour leur offrir des rôles incroyablement superficiels. Du gros vide clinquant, tout simplement.

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USA Today

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Why bother with a new title? New Year's Eve is simply 2010's Valentine's Day all over again, and it's about as appealing as a flute of cheap Champagne left over from the last holiday.

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La Presse

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Vous avez aimé Valentine's Day de Garry Marshall? Vous adorerez New Year's Eve de Garry Marshall. Vous n'avez pas aimé Valentine's Day de Garry Marshall? Vous détesterez New Year's Eve de Garry Marshall.

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