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On peut également déplorer le recours abusif aux chansons pop et le manque d'inspiration des numéros chorégraphiques. La réalisation et l'animation sont en revanche rythmées et colorées. 

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After The Addams Family 2, however, I now hope that there's an Addams Family 3. But only if the filmmakers keep doing what they do here: in their PG way, upping the ante on the cuddly bed-bug insanity of it all. Many of the movie's jokes are merely benign. But the best ones really are a scream.

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The Wrap

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Oscar Isaac's Gomez and Charlize Theron's Morticia are still mad for each other, but the thrill is gone from this animated franchise.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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There seems to be a quest both in The Addams Family and in The Addams Family 2 to make the once spine-chilling family relatable, and that's a shame.

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