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The Woman in Black 2 is certainly not a great film, yet perhaps the classically told ghost story felt a bit more refined than your typical haunted horror release as of late.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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More successful in creating an overall atmosphere of dread are the film's cinematography and production design, which work in concert to maximize the impact of the Eel Marsh House’s dimly lit rooms and state of extreme decrepitude.

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The Wrap

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Every so often, ''The Woman in Black 2'' threatens to become a deeper, richer experience, but that potential, like the title character, disappears as soon as you turn your head.

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Cinema Blend

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Despite these issues, The Woman in Black 2 is by no means the worst piece of horror cinema out there.

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While it gets points for effort, The Woman in Black 2 is ultimately unsuccessful. It's occasionally creepy but never scary despite the last reel histrionics.

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The Woman in Black 2 starts off very well, but it soon loses the thread.

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Très bon
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Moins structuré que son prédécesseur, The Woman in Black: Angel of Death confirme une belle direction d'acteurs, un travail extrêment soignée dans la direction photo et, mine de rien, soulève quelques questions esthétiques sur le genre.

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