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Adam Sandler est doublement insignifiant dans cette farce insipide, dont le scénario, d'un prévisible affligeant, fait la part belle à un humour de bol de toilette ringard.

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The New York Times

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Mr. Sandler's subtly self-lacerating performance in Judd Apatow's Funny People suggests that he is aware of the hollow, hateful side of what he does for a living. Grown Ups and Jack and Jill prove that, as long as it pays the bills, he doesn't care.

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USA Today

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Somewhere in Adam Sandler's body, an adult hides. He's nowhere to be found in Jack and Jill, though, a comedy that has one good joke, four strange cameos and a spirit so juvenile kids may wonder what Sandler's deal is.

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Rolling Stone

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The plot is a stew of half-baked ideas that quickly turns rancid.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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It's an uphill battle for Jack and Jill with this leaky pail of comic swill.

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Cinema Blend

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Directed with the customary lack of effort by Dennis Dugan and slopped over with sticky sentimentality in its final moments to mask its overall meanness, Jack & Jill is so bad that you know the people who made it knew better, but simply didn't care enough to fix it.

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The Gazette

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But this 85-minute-long feature is a lazy paint-by-numbers Sandler movie led by two uninteresting and annoying characters, lacklustre writing, and a whole whack of celebrities (just like this year's Oscars).

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Récit interminable ainsi que véritable publicité pour un restaurant de beignes, Jack and Jill est le degré zéro de la comédie.

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