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Ce quatrième film tiré d'une célèbre série de romans pour enfant exaspère plus qu'il ne divertit.

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An amiable, fast-paced reboot of the series based on Jeff Kinney's hugely popular books featuring an all-new cast.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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By now Bowers, who also directed the last two Wimpy Kid movies, knows how to choreograph the inherent chaos for optimal giggles, even if many of the book’s more satirical elements have been swapped out for broader slapstick.

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The Gazette

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The upside is that you’ll get to talk about Psycho—instead of The Long Haul—which should improve your own haul significantly.

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The Wrap

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The earlier entries were smart and sweet examinations of being a kid, but this time we get clichés and oversimplification.

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