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Le scénario moralisateur frôle le militantisme et la réalisation standard ne ménage guère de suspense. L'interprétation s'avère en outre inégale.

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Cinema Blend

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When the movie's not so wrapped up in religious ridiculousness it sort of works, though. Dowdle's a decent director and he does a good job of building up tension in confined spaces while also cutting between the elevator and efforts on the outside to get people free.

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The New York Times

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A serviceable burst of high-end hokum, Devil classes up a flimsy, religion-themed plot (by M. Night Shyamalan) with the kind of limber cinematography only someone like Tak Fujimoto can deliver. Circling wildly within the film's main set - a stalled elevator car - or hurtling up and down an empty shaft, Mr. Fujimoto's camera is as giddy as a tween at a Justin Bieber concert.

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Plus satisfaisant que le laissait présager l'horrible bande-annonce, mais pas très concluant pour autant. Pour les amateurs du genre seulement.

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