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À la fin du visionnement, après bien des rires et quelques larmes, le spectateur sort du cinéma ravi. L'amour peut exister, malgré le cynisme, la jalousie et le conservatisme d'un monde hostile au bonheur.

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Cinema Blend

Très bon
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Mélissa et An exotic and entertaining crowd-pleaser, a romantic, beautiful, opulent and lively comedy that's formulaic but gifted with a light touch.

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Rolling Stone

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Breezy story of a Chinese-American meeting her boyfriend's extravagantly wealthy family is perfect way to end the summer moviegoing season.

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Entertainment Weekly

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If the storyline is strictly something old and borrowed, though, a peek at the crazy-rich rainbow of Asian experience - even one as razzle-dazzlingly too-much as this one - feels not just new, but way overdue.

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That said, Crazy Rich Asians, aided heavily by Wu's self-possessed performance, does an awful lot to convince you that an unhappy ending might be the right thing for everyone.

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The Wrap

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A high caliber all-Asian cast is reason enough to watch this wonderful adaption of Kevin Kwan's best-selling novel, but far from the only one.

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Even if the trailers haven't done much for you ? give it a shot. You'll be thoroughly entertained. I was.

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As much as this is a love story, Crazy Rich Asians is very much about powerful women at its center.

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