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Les auteurs de cette suite ont évacué ce qui faisait l'originalité du volet initial (...).

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The Hollywood Reporter

Très bon
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That formula means taking cute, big-eyed characters, colorful scenery and Looney Toons-esque physical gags and throwing them all at a screen so as to become the ultimate beacon for any child's attention.

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Cinema Blend

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They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but when it comes to The Secret Life of Pets 2, it would have been nice if someone had taught this franchise any tricks at all.

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The Wrap

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Come for the adorable puppies, stay for the toxic masculinity and antediluvian notions regarding love and family.

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Stronger sentiments and higher hijinks elevate this sequel above the original, as vexed dog Max wrestles with his protective instincts.

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