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Un récit de vengeance ultraclassique, un tissu d'invraisemblances, des personnages sommairement dessinés, quelques éléments mélodramatiques, des passages racoleurs, une réalisation tapageuse mais efficace d'Olivier Megaton.

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Cinema Blend

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Action aside, what ultimately kills the film is a complete lack of originality or initiative. The plot and characters are paint-by-numbers and even those elements are put together sloppily.

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The New York Times

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What's not required is the creation of an actual character; the best an actress can hope for is to look good and, if the director and screenwriter cooperate, maintain her dignity and sense of humor. Ms. Saldana, playing an almost supernaturally skilled hit woman and parkour enthusiast whose larger mission is to avenge the murder of her Colombian drug-dealing parents, has to work hard in that regard.

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USA Today

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This is a showy flower of an action film. Saldana doesn't get much of a chance to emote, but her action skills blossom.

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