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The frenetic silliness and uneven tone are unfortunate distractions from the genuine pleasures of the film, including Cabello's appealing performance as Cinderella, and the creative and energetic musical numbers. This Cinderella story should have asked Fab G for a make-under.

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A struggling servant dreams of seamstress superstardom despite a sinister stepmother's sabotage in this mediocre musical.

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Cinema Blend

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[Cinderella] doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it does have fun spinning it in its own way.

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La Presse

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Le gâteau ne lève pas.

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But in trying to cram in so many headache-inducing musical numbers that distract from chances to actually explore the progressive themes that are left oversimplified by the end, Cinderella not only loses much of its claim to being a truly modern take on old material, but also any sense of magic and wonder that original material provides.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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As a big-budget film with a star-studded cast, Cinderella meets the relatively low bar set by most contemporary reboots, but that doesn't make it any less disappointing. 

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