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For a film that wants to trade on the message of providing some food for thought, Black and Blue is more of a snack than a full meal.

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'Black and Blue" may seem familiar, but it's a solid version of story you've heard before.

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Rolling Stone

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This bargain-basement 'Training Day' doesn't deserve Naomie Harris.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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Between the action thrills and the good intentions in trying to present heavy social themes, the only thing that's done correctly in BLACK AND BLUE (...).

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The Wrap

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Urbanworld Film Festival 2019: There's a provocative tale to be told about the balance of being both black and a police officer, but this movie doesn't feel like telling it.

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While Deon Taylor's 'Training Day'-indebted thriller has something urgent to say on corrupt power structures, its insights are trapped in a shallow action package, saved partly by a commanding Naomie Harris.

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