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The Hollywood Reporter

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Resembling cinematic versions of « Where's Waldo », the films demand intense concentration as the audience peers at the frame trying to spot the element that doesn't belong.

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Cinema Blend

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At this stage in the game either you're on board with the Paranormal Activity franchise or you're not. The third entry isn't going to win any new fans – as it's still the same concept, just executed with different characters – but those who love the first two movies will get a kick out of the latest installment.

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Suffice to say, if you liked the last two, you'll probably enjoy the third film, as it is without a doubt the best film of the franchise (in my opinion anyway). However, if like me you thought the other films were overrated, this isn't really going to change your mind about the series. Still, it could have been a lot worse, and at least Schulman and Joost seem to be trying.

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USA Today

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This may be the most ambitious Paranormal, and while it's not the most frightening, it's the kind of Halloween scare-fest enhanced by a jittery audience in a packed theater.

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Dernier tome d'une licence qui est n'est dorénavant plus en perte de vitesse, «Paranormal Activity 3» pourrait bien être le meilleur épisode de la série, combinant frousse et rires avec un savoir-faire évident.

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La Presse

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Paranormal Activity 3 vaut à peine mieux qu'une de ces émissions des canaux spécialisés qui, sous le couvert du fait vécu ou de la télé-réalité, relatent et révèlent des manifestations surnaturelles.

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The Gazette

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The movie does deliver its punches with aplomb, but they are so few and far between, one could easily fall asleep waiting for the next terror. A somewhat boring attempt to make us fear the everyday, Paranormal Activity 3 proves you can generate an entire franchise based on bad footage and a believable, if invisible, bogeyman.

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