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Sa réalisation efficace mais routinière fait cependant la part belle à une pléiade d'acteurs chevronnés, tous fort sympathiques à défaut d'être au sommet de leur art.

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Très bon
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It's no comedic masterpiece, hell, it's not even traditionally “good”, but there's something quite charming and embraceable about The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.

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Cinema Blend

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The laughs in Wonderstone may be intermittent, but when they land, they’re large. It’s barely enough to recommend the uneven comedy, though if you’re fond of Carell and/or Carrey, Wonderstone won’t deeply disappoint.

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Rolling Stone

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It sounds like fun. Steve Carell and Steve Buscemi as cheese-whizzy Vegas magicians trying to fight off Jim Carrey and his new kind of wizard act, a Jackass-like exercise in self-abuse that's an online sensation. Cool, right? Not right.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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Some laughter but little magic in by-the-book Las Vegas comeback tale.

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Agence QMI

Très bon
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Les quelques fous rires que suscite ce film sont principalement dus aux acteurs dans les rôles de soutien.

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Worst Previews

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This is an immensely funny comedy, and also a sweet one, with television vet director Don Scardino clearly learning a thing or two about socko comic timing from working on 30 Rock for the past seven years.

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