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Venu de la télévision, Jeff Tomsic met en scène avec invention et énergie ce rocambolesque récit d'amitié, tiré d'une histoire vécue.

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Given the dearth of big-screen comedies, it's nice to see a movie like TAG, that really delivers, and it played beautifully to the packed preview audience I saw it with.

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Rolling Stone

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Jon Hamm, Ed Helms and a crack cast almost save this stunted-adolescence goof about an epic tag game from falling apart.

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Cinema Blend

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Despite its messy execution, Tag is still full of slick performances and a streak of impish glee running through its various set pieces, which draws its failings in even sharper contrast than a more middling film of its ilk.

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Also, it's not funny.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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In its final few scenes, Tag makes a bid for poignancy that feels forced given the broadness of these characters and the fundamental weirdness of their obsession. 

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That's a weirdly muted note to end such an otherwise over-the-top - conceptually and physically - comedy. 

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The Wrap

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It doesn't quite balance its Jackie Chan slapstick with its James L. Brooks sentiments, but it's a fun way to spend recess.

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