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Cet antépisode facultatif, campé au carrefour du film de kung fu et de la publicité de jouets, repose sur un scénario 100% recyclé.

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Perhaps you'll appreciate this more than I did, but ultimately, Snake Eyes is just a bland continuation that failed to explore the mystique of a character far more intriguing than the film with his name.

Jimmy O Lire la critique complète

The Hollywood Reporter

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As shamelessly corporate popcorn movies go, Snake Eyes is better than most. That's not high praise, but considering the film's dopey pedigree, it's not nothing.

John DeFore Lire la critique complète

Cinema Blend

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Andrew Koji winds up pulling off one of the more impressive spotlight-stealing performances in recent memory...

Eric Eisenberg Lire la critique complète

Entertainment Weekly

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But instead of constantly kicking the "good story" can down the road forever, why not try harder to make these films more interesting in and of themselves?

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Rolling Stone

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A spin-off involving the series most popular and enigmatic character provides an interesting franchise detour -- until it very much doesn't.

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The Wrap

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This G.I. Joe Origins tale goes from muddled to murky to flat-out goofy.

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