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La mise en scène, qui pèche par manque de vigueur, et l'interprétation, cruellement limitée, finissent de noyer le poisson.

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The New York Times

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Alas, while the subterranean realm is meant to be virgin territory, the story by the screenwriters John Garvin and Andrew Wight (one of Mr. Cameron's longtime producers) has been around the block one too many times and is tired, crammed with stereotypes, nonstop expletives and the kind of risible dialogue that turns you into a sadist rooting for these cliché-spouting saps to go away now.

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All in all, Sanctum is certainly worth a watch if you want to take in some really great 3D, but the lousy acting, and hack writing make this a questionable recommendation at best.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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Unfortunately that spell is constantly being broken by either the forced dialogue (credited to Wight and John Garvin) or composer David Hirschfelder's heavy symphonics, which are just too outsized for those tight, claustrophobic spaces.

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Plus supportable que The Cave, Sanctum comporte plusieurs moments extrêmement efficaces... mais encore davantage de séquences ternes et peu enlevantes. Pour une fois les retardataires ne manqueront rien. Mieux encore, ils risquent d'arriver lorsque le tout devient le moindrement pertinent.

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La Presse

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Mais 10 minutes de splendeur n'excusent en rien deux heures de pacotille et de tape-à-l'oeil, spectacle embarrassant porté par des acteurs affreusement statiques ou caricaturaux.

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Cinema Blend

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The 3D, supervised by Cameron himself and using the best technology, is just fine, though it's a little weird to expand the dimensions of a film that's supposed to make us feel claustrophobic.

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USA Today

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Sanctum strives to be the Titanic of spelunkers. But actually being stuck in a remote waterlogged grotto might be more tolerable than enduring this disaster of an adventure movie.

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