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La Presse

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Seul le personnage de fidèle assistante qu'incarne Thandiwe Newton, qui n'est pas toujours présent, semble plus authentique. Mais c'est bien peu.

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Suffice to say; this is a disastrous star vehicle for Jackman and big-screen debut for Joy. 

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The Hollywood Reporter

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Reminiscence has a sleek, moody look and a big brooding score by frequent Westworld composer Ramin Djawadi to propel the story in the absence of plot momentum. But as a bead on the necklace of time, it's shoddy costume jewelry.

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Journal de Montréal

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Quelques scènes d'action inutiles rythment ce long métrage qui rappelle trop d'autres productions - de «Un monde sans terre» à «Blade Runner» - sans jamais vraiment trouver son propre ton.

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Cinema Blend

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Action, romance, and corruption mix together in a blend that allows Reminiscence to wow as an original movie that indulges in the comforts of a very familiar sort of story.

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The Wrap

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'Westworld" co-creator Lisa Joy makes her film debut with too much writing and not enough directing.

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Rolling Stone

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Hugh Jackman is a man who lets people relive their memories -- and gets caught up in chasing his own past -- in this forgettable mix of detective pulp, dystopic science fiction and dead ends.

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Lisa Joy's film is a dystopian noir in which traveling through memory proves to be a routine novelty.

Owen Gleiberman Lire la critique complète

The Wrap

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But by the time he's narrating the unraveling of the movie's central mystery exactly while it happens on screen, the whole thing tips overboard, sunk by the weight of its own silliness.

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Perhaps the greatest crime of "Reminiscence" is how effortlessly it wastes the collective appeal of its A-list cast.

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