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Tandis que Josh Gad et Kevin James dépensent une énergie folle en cabotinage inutile, Sandler adopte sa posture routinière, où l'indolence confine à la paresse.

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La Presse

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C'est triste. À plus d'un titre.

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Ton Canapé

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La seule raison qui explique pourquoi Pixels mérite un visionnement dans une salle obscure est son emploi judicieux de la technologie 3D.

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La prémisse de ce film écrit par Tim Herlihy et Timothy Dowling est plutôt bizarre.

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Rolling Stone

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Yikes! I saw Pixels as a 3D metaphor for Hollywood's digital assault on our eyes and brains. Not funny. Just relentless and exhausting.

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Très bon
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Les 105 minutes de ce film fort amusant et parfait pour une sortie en famille passent presque (oui, il y a quelques longueurs, mais rien de bien méchant) en un clin d’œil.

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Cinema Blend

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While the film still sags a little bit, and wastes the talents of some of the names they'd managed to land for the proceedings, Pixels is an extremely fun time at the movies. 

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The Hollywood Reporter

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(...)  everyone here is doing shtick they've long since mastered, underplaying in Sandler's case, to sometimes mildly amusing effect, and charging ahead like bulls where James and Gad are concerned. 

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The Wrap

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Sandler may have signed on to “Pixels” to cash in on fading nostalgia for the ’80s and Reagan era-set cultural products (like his own “Wedding Singer”).

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Entertainment Weekly

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Seriously, though, this lazy and cynical one-two punch is about as rank as double features come.

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Viewers of a certain age may look at "Pixels" with a degree of nostalgia, although it stands to reason that if you are old enough to feel nostalgic about playing "Donkey Kong" in the arcade, you are probably too old for an Adam Sandler film.

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(...) where Sandler once exulted in our outrage (and frequently, our laughter), he now seems barely capable of mustering enough effort to carry a scene, let alone advance to level 255 of “Galaga.”

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Again though, any time this gets fun we get more horrible Happy Madison material, with lame-brained moments galore.

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