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Ce cinquième et (en principe) dernier volet de la célèbre franchise boucle la boucle de manière spectaculaire et généralement satisfaisante. 

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La Presse

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Un souffle frais propulse en effet Dead Men Tell No Tales. Un souffle qui rappelle pourquoi The Curse of the Black Pearl avait connu un tel succès populaire (et même critique).

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Ton Canapé

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Stupéfiant sur le point de vue visuel et reprenant l'atmosphère plus sombre des premiers films, Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead Men Tell No Tales parvient à divertir ceux et celles qui ont suivi la série depuis ses débuts surtout par nostalgie, tandis que les moins familiers auront plus de difficulté à se laisser convaincre.

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Rolling Stone

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Wheezing franchise hauls out another deep-sea adventure and more undead bucaneers – but this is beginning to feel like walking the plank.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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As for what might draw Bloom and, briefly, Knightley back to the screen, doing nothing other than linking the first few movies to the ones Disney hopes will come? See the aforementioned paycheck.

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One hopes the directors plundered enough booty on this excursion to quickly get back to what they do best. As for the series, it's taking on water fast.

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Dead Men isn't as shapeless and overlong as the last Pirates film, which was barely watchable and still made a billion dollars. It has a narrative line of sorts, a clear main objective (a boy wants to liberate his undead father from a curse), and a modicum of suspense.

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Those who go to see Dead Men Don't Tell Tales might just recognize that hollow feeling as they leave the theater. 

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Entertainment Weekly

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If only half that gorgeously detailed attention had gone toward the script: Instead, what we get is the usual mash of swashbuckling nonsense and soggy mythology: There will be romance, and revelations, and some silly gold-plated cameos (hello there, Sir Paul McCartney! And whoops, goodbye).

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The Wrap

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For a series that had already walked the plank with scurvy sequels, this fifth entry marks a surprisingly entertaining return to yo-ho-ho form.

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Cinema Blend

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales proves that it may finally be time for Captain Jack to hang up his sword and give up the pirate's life for good.

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I'll give Dead Men Tell No Tales this - if you love the series, you'll probably like this one. I'll even go so far as to say that even if you hated the last one, you'll still likely enjoy it. 

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