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L'intrigue un peu mince, avec raccourcis commodes et quelques problèmes de sens mineurs, sert de support à une démonstration très habile, fertile en références savantes ou profanes (Moïse, Patty Hearst, THELMA AND LOUISE, Dostoïevski, Robin des bois, etc.), dans un style rappelant l'Antonioni de ZABRISKIE POINT.

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Cinema Blend

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I'd watch an entire movie around Murphy's sci-fi Javert, or even one focused more tightly on the cat-and-mouse game between him and Will. But In Time muddles up those stories with so much more, and loses track of the nifty sci-fi idea that is the best thing the movie has going for it.

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The New York Times

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Here, as in other scenes where Mr. Niccol let his images do the talking, the movie works, despite its wavering tone and slow-and-go energy.

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The Los Angeles Times

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What's missing are the kind of moments that actually matter, the ones that are so gripping that you want desperately for time to stop — to savor them, to feel the fear, the passion, the regret. Ah, well … maybe next time.

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USA Today

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For a film about the preciousness of every second, Time still yanks away minutes moviegoers may wish they could get back.

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Très bon
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All in all, IN TIME is a flawed but worthwhile sci-fi film. It’s a throwback to the more socially conscious sci-fi of the seventies like SOYLENT GREEN (between this and RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, Fox is on a roll), and a solid two hours of entertainment. While the premise is let down a bit by the execution, it’s still very enjoyable.

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It's a fascinating philosophical conceit delivered as a slick, hyper-stylized conspiracy yarn, juicy enough to deliver on both fronts, provided you don't ask too many questions.

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Rolling Stone

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Pretty cast. Potent premise. Piss-poor execution.

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Le temps est véritablement de l’argent. Alors, n’investissez surtout pas le vôtre dans ce film.

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Du gros bruit pour presque rien tant les belles promesses du début ne sont jamais tenues.

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The Gazette

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Still, it’s an interesting piece of 21st-century fiction, but one that probably won’t stand the test of those precious, ticking seconds.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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A provocative premise and beautiful cast can't entirely conceal the shortcomings of this futuristic lovers-on-the-run sci-fi thriller.

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