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Jouissive concrétisation du fantasme de tout employé exploité en cette ère de crise économique, Horrible Bosses tape dans le mille avec un scénario loufoque carburant à l'humour noir et aux dialogues incisifs farcis de joyeuses vulgarités.

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La Presse

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C'est du neuf! Rien d'extraordinaire, rien pour crier à la grandeur du septième art, mais une farce hollywoodienne faussement grossière, un peu « mononcle », mais gardant toujours un minimum d'élégance et de bon goût. Une autre jolie tranche de « bel esprit » made in USA.

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The New York Times

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So here is the evident puzzle: Horrible Bosses is also frequently very funny. One reason is that it does not bother to cut its coarseness with a hypocritical dose of sweetness or respectability.

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The Gazette

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Of course, the real treat in Horrible Bosses are the horrible bosses themselves, which Spacey, Aniston and Farrell sink their teeth into, and shake at the nape of the neck. They're all having so much fun being bad, we're pulled into their wake of sadistic misery because it's entertaining, but it's also familiar.

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While it's not a perfect comedy, and more than a little uneven, I still laughed my ass off through most of the film, and probably had more honest laughs here than I did with The Hangover 2.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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The R-rated Warner Bros. comedy crossbreeds black comedy with raunchiness as it wastes a fine cast.

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Rolling Stone

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Here's a hit-and-miss farce that leaves you wishing it was funnier than it is. Why? Because it wussies out on a sharp premise. Because it wastes a killer cast that's ready to rock it.

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USA Today

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All are on gleeful display in this surprising comedy that rivals Bridesmaids as the funniest film of the summer, if not the year.

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Cinema Blend

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The three actors really do feel like friends, an excellent contrast to the hollow bro-isms of The Hangover Part II and a cheerful, knowingly absurd vibe that helps Horrible Bosses over the numerous bumps in its screenplay.

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