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Tournant avec un budget relativement modeste, Jennifer Yuh Nelson orchestre le tout avec compétence, mais sans grand éclat ni souci d'originalité.

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Kung Fu Panda 2 director Jennifer Yuh Nelson adapts nicely to the world of live action, though she should have picked a less derivative project than this generic YA movie about kids with special powers.

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The Darkest Minds feels like it perhaps should have come out five years ago.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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It may all be pretty thinly imagined stuff compared to the travails of Katniss (to say nothing of her more mature ancestors in sci-fi/fantasy), but for those who happen to be turning 14 or 15 as this hits theaters, it may suffice.

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Cinema Blend

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If we hadn't already been down this road so many times there might be more fun to be had with The Darkest Minds, but being a better than average attempt at an overtired genre likely won't be enough to complete the story this movie starts.

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The Wrap

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You've seen these post-apocalyptic, super-powered teens before, but strong performances and smart direction give this flick a kick.

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Entertainment Weekly

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What we're left with is a Mad-Libs version of a dystopian YA adaptation done by someone who saw half of an X-Men movie on TV once, with no depth, no new ideas, and no point.

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The environment in which stories like The Hunger Games or Divergent gained followings has changed, and The Darkest Minds has not adapted to survive it.

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