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Leur parti-pris habituel, qui consiste à faire reculer les limites du bon goût au moyen d'un humour corrosif, vire à la routine. La distribution est cependant enjouée.

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La Presse

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Sous ses allures faussement provocantes, Hall Pass emprunte pourtant l'allure d'un conte où la morale ne pourrait être plus sauve et les valeurs traditionnelles mieux protégées. C'est peut-être ça le gag.

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Cinema Blend

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Sure it's just a big dumb comedy, and it's funny at times, but repetitive too. How often can you mine the same surveillance gag for laughs in the same film?

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The New York Times

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The bodily fluids that Peter and Bobby Farrelly let fly and sometimes squirt in their movies, along with the assaults visited on their hapless male characters and those men's various body parts, might suggest that these filmmaking brothers are stuck in a developmental quagmire.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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The strain of the Farrelly brothers' attempt to live up to their rudely comic younger selves is all too evident in Hall Pass, an unbecoming and only fitfully funny account of two fortyish married guys making a final pathetic shot at playing the field.

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USA Today

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It's almost impressive when a movie can manage to be both repellently vulgar and sickeningly sweet in the span of a mere two hours. Almost.

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