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Jason Statham a beau ne pas manquer de charisme, il nous ressert la même soupe de film en film. Dans ce cas-ci, elle est immangeable.

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In the end, a review for something like Mechanic: Resurrection is pointless as if you’re a Statham fan you’re already planning on seeing this and there’s nothing I can write here that will dissuade you.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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The film is certainly watchable, thanks to the elaborately staged action sequences and Statham's killer charisma.

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Usually, when a studio declines to screen a movie for reviewers, the reflexive assumption is that the picture is a dog. This largely turns out to be true, but not always.

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Jason Statham stars in a down-and-dirty B-movie 'Mission: Impossible' that's as lean and mean and minimalist as he is.

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