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Malgré le savoir-faire technique de Franck Coraci, toute la démarche est plombée par un humour primaire et des clichés à la pelle.

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La Presse

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Zookeeper, c'est avant tout de l'humour pour adultes dans un film pour enfants, le tout enrobé dans un scénario déjà vu et moralisateur.

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USA Today

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Like nearly any film smudged by Adam Sandler, who produced and provided a voice to Zookeeper, there isn't much in the way of plot to get in the way of Sandler's world: There's poo, ripped pants and hot girls falling for fat guys.

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Poor editing, an awful script and too many moments of dreadful CGI, all of this makes Zookeeper one of the most pathetic attempts at a family film in quite awhile. Can somebody please give Kevin James a good script? The guy deserves better than this.

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The New York Times

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The love story part is too clumsily predictable to be satisfying, even if Rosario Dawson, as a kind veterinarian, and the likable Mr. James make an appealing couple. I give them a 6, and the film a 4. (Sorry, girls.) My favorite character? Well, that's just the problem.

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Il y a des productions tellement embarrassantes et totalement dénuées d'humour qu'on se demande comment elles ont pu voir le jour. Zookeeper est à insérer dans cette catégorie très limitée où enfants et parents voudront, d'un commun accord, passer leur tour.

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Cinema Blend

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Zookeeper is exactly as loud and sloppy as you expected it to be, livened only occasionally by James and some of his co-stars mugging from inside the muck, hoping you'll still like them once they've cashed this likely lucrative paycheck.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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Frank Coraci's inane Kevin James vehicle covets the Night at the Museum audience with disappointing results.

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The Los Angeles Times

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Zookeeper is a bad film, and not necessarily in a ''so bad its good way.'' The laughs are few and far between and the obvious ''lesson''learned is a tedious one.

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