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En somme, un film démodé mais fier de l'être, qui offre à Eastwood un rôle très touchant, au carrefour de la confession et du testament.

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From the writer of 'Gran Torino' comes another feelgood story of a casually racist old-timer - a problematic character that director Clint Eastwood knows exactly how to make charming.

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Rolling Stone

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The venerable actor-director's character study gives us an elderly man who decides to start a new career - as a cartel drug-runner.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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(...) The Mule shows that Eastwood's still got it, both as a director and actor.

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However graceful, The Mule would be a small potatoes without the lift it gets from Eastwood's mythic persona

David Edelstein Lire la critique complète

The Wrap

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Based on a true story about a 90-year-old drug mule, Eastwood's latest star-director outing is a fascinating exercise in his strengths and faults.

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