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(...) Jupiter Ascending s'avère techniquement impressionnant, multipliant scènes de batailles échevelées et poursuites vertigineuses. En revanche, sa mise en scène sans finesse et sa direction artistique ringarde le tirent vers le bas.

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Maybe the only nice thing that can be said about Jupiter Ascending is that the score by Michael Giacchino is pretty good and that Terry Gilliam has a nifty cameo where he gets to channel some of the bits of acting he used to do back in his Monty Python days.

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Rolling Stone

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This kind of pandering FX padding, unnurtured by humor or heart, is what shifts Jupiter Ascending from a shambles to a fiasco.

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Dans son ensemble, L’ascension de Jupiter est une sorte de fourre-tout des idées des Wachowski, divertissantes, certes, mais en deçà des attentes.

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Jupiter Ascending a au moins le mérite de se démarquer dans le paysage filmique hollywoodien.

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Cinema Blend

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It's hard to really begrudge a film like Jupiter Ascending, both for its creative scope and in that it is one of the few-and-far-between female-led action movies, but it is equally hard to validate it beyond those elements, it's aesthetics, and the casting of the leads.

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The Wrap

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Ultimately, this all boils down to two questions: 1) Is Jupiter Ascending completely bananas? Absolutely. 2) Will you have fun watching it? As long as you're OK with the answer to the first question, I don't see why not.

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Entertainment Weekly

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Jupiter Ascending won't have any impact on Redmayne's career or his Oscar chances, but the same can't be said for his directors. 

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t's time to reboot the special effects blockbuster before we all die of boredom. (...) Even the most lavish movies have an off-the-rack feeling, and Jupiter Ascending has it, too.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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The film's geographic distinctions are also poorly registered. (...). The prolonged final action sequence goes to the very edge of becoming ridiculous.

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