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La réalisation musclée est minée par un montage frénétique lors des scènes d'action, qui rend celles-ci inopérantes. Les comédiens, y compris Liam Neeson, forcent le trait.

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The New York Times

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The obstacle that the director Joe Carnahan and his colleagues failed to clear was finding the right self-mocking tone for a movie that was, by the looks of it, too expensive to risk real laughs.

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Cinema Blend

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Yes, The A-Team is based on a deeply silly and repetitive TV show, and it is the rare summer blockbuster that refuses to take itself too seriously. But still, it's a major feature film that cost more money than you or I will ever see, and there are still standards for such things. And no matter how much fun The A-Team can be at times, no matter how blinded you are by Bradley Cooper's shiny teeth or Sharlto Copley's terrible accent, it is not a good movie.

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Alas, as constructed, that's all the plot the movie can handle, with as little down time as possible between frenetic sequences that invariably entail something - planes, buildings, the Port of Los Angeles-- getting blown up. The challenge is to make the capers sufficiently thrilling and still maintain a light, slightly tongue-in-cheek tone, which pays off only intermittently.

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La testostérone dans le tapis et une horde d'invraisemblances ne font pas toujours quelque chose de très divertissant. Parlez-en à The A-Team, un futile et interminable film d'action où quatre hommes emprisonnés à tort cherchent à se venger.

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USA Today

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Despite a talented cast, this nearly two-hour inane frenzy of action and violence is rarely more than bloated and boring.

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The Gazette

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The A-Team is total nonsense, but it's clever, engaging, often well-written nonsense. Each character has a full slate of individual personality tics, every possible excuse for maximum destruction is deployed, and nothing is taken too seriously.

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