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À l'exception de quelques cascades automobiles assez bien tournées, l'ensemble est aussi générique et prévisible que l'annonce son titre. Halle Berry donne tout ce qu'elle possède à un rôle qui est, regrettablement, indigne de son talent.

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Still, at least there’s Berry in the driver’s seat, and the force of her performance is enough to push to make this a half-decent recommendation for someone looking for a quickie genre thriller.

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Kidnappers beware, or you're liable to wind up having to contend with an angry mother and her minivan — as only Halle Berry can play it.

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The Hollywood Reporter

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Berry has capably demonstrated her action expertise in numerous low-budget thrillers, as well as four installments of the X-Men franchise in her role as Storm, so her ability to command the screen single-handedly here proves surprisingly satisfying.

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The Wrap

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You’ll spend the first half of this B-movie yelling at her character and the second half cheering her on.

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This is true filler cinema, with no reason to exist other than to pass time in the doldrums of summer.

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