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Face à un scénario banal et prévisible, véritable avalanche de clichés, et une réalisation éminemment générique, difficile d'être captivé par Just Wright de Sanaa Hamri.

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Cinema Blend

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Featuring an entirely black cast and revolving around basketball, Just Wright will likely appeal to a primarily African-American audience, but it's a truly universal story, providing the same sappy, obvious satisfaction as something like 27 Dresses. There's not a drop of originality in it, aside from perhaps the tomboyish lead character, but giving yourself over to Just Wright is more rewarding than you might think.

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Conventional in every way save for the coupling at its center, "Just Wright" largely succeeds as a handsomely mounted showcase for Queen Latifah, as well as some well-shot basketball footage, even if its guilelessly upright characters can often steer it toward blandness.

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La morale: soyez gentille, et vous vous trouverez un mari, mesdemoiselles. Réactionnaire, vous dites?

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USA Today

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Queen Latifah made a remarkably natural transition from hip-hop to acting. Such is not the case for rap star Common. Though he looks great on camera, his acting abilities are limited.

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